Vaping and Liberty

Many Government and health lobbies are trying to ban vaping (the smoking of e-cigarettes).  They argue that it would reintroduce smoking as a socially acceptable habit and that its safety to human health is not proven.

This issue is about personal liberty and the extent to which the State has a right to dictate to individual citizens.  People should be allowed to “vape” so long as it doesn’t detrimentally affect anybody else (particularly children).

Firstly we must understand that nothing can be proven to be safe.  It is a logical impossibility to prove that something isn’t there.  Nobody can prove that there are no detrimental effects to human health. We can only claim we have not found any – yet. Even pharmaceuticals are not declared “safe” despite extensive clinical trials.  They offer a positive benefit / risk ratio to get their products on the market.  So e-cigarettes have not been proven safe and never will be.  On the other hand decades of research into the effects of nicotine has not found any detrimental effects in the dosages most smokers (and vapers) inhale.

I don’t smoke and wouldn’t take up vaping on the grounds that nicotine is addictive and I would most likely spend much money pursuing this habit.  But the same can be said of alcohol, caffeine and gambling (all of which I do enjoy from time-to-time).

If individuals get pleasure from vaping and there are no proven detrimental effects to others the State and nannying health lobbyists should mind their own business and leave well alone.