Politics and Economics

A Democratic Monarchy is the Least Bad Way of Running a Country

A Democratic Monarchy is the worst possible way of running a country, apart from all the alternatives that have been tried.

Presidents are “elected”.  To do this requires political backing, financial muscle and (in many cases) military support.  This opens them up to corruption and political influence.  Even the democratic one’s are not supported by all those that voted for the other candidates, making them partisan and difficult for the whole country to unite behind.

The list of the most free and open countries in the world is full of Democratic Monarchies (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Norway,  Denmark, The Netherlands……. ).   The list of unfree and closed countries includes many Republics (Iran, Syria and North Korea).

The best thing we can say about a democratic monarchy is that the head of state is not a politician.  And because they are born into wealth and privilege, they are incorruptible.  Unlike our politicians.

To have a head off state, with no executive power, which is impossible to corrupt, around whom the whole country can unite and towards whom our politicians must show humility and deference is genius.  

After all,  quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 

Those who seek power are the last people we want to have absolute power.  Somebody must keep these arrogant, self-opinioned windbags in check.

A Democratic Monarchy is a ludicrous way to run a country.  If anybody comes up with a better alternative, please let me know.


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