3 thoughts on “Who really wants liberalism from the Conservative Party?

  1. great post totally true however the conservative parties voter core is the elderly whom are more inclined to support a strong government rather than a small night watchman government thus the tories are less likely to turn to a liberal stance I am chairman of the local young conservatives and i have found a lot of ex tory voters turned from us when we made gay marriage legal but few young voters turned to us many still voting lib dem or labour out of an imagined elitism of the tories which is in fact present in all political parties especially labour

    • Thank you for your comment. I hope you stick with more liberal social policies. I am sure you will attract younger voters over time. One policy (gay marriage) is unlikely to have instantaneous impact with Britain’s youth, but they may be won over with other more liberal social polices over the next few parliaments. I fully expect traditional Tories, who were dismayed by gay marriage, to come back in the fold at the next election when threatened with a choice between voting UKIP or letting in a Labour Government.

      • I agree with you 110% the conservative party needs to get its act together and find its views because as one of their voters im dismayed at the fact that they pretend to love social liberty via the gay marriage bill but the pander to their core voters by restricting freedoms

        they need to become more socially and economically liberal to become the true opposite of labour which at the moment they are only one step to the right of a quite left wing ideology

        and ukip are a fad much like the bnp they shall fade in time lets not forget that nigel farage claimed 2 million in expenses and has never apologised for it

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